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What is Property?

It can be physical things that you hold or touch or it can be intangible things that are not physically touchable hold herbal but more broadly property itself is a collection or bundle of rights it allows someone to exclude others from the use and enjoyment the possession transferring or selling that item. In many cases property rights allow the holder of house rights to process it to transfer it to destroy it or in some cases to use it for their own or for the benefit of others. Now with that understanding the Constitution of the United States is largely a property document in that is provides rights in individuals and lot of those rights pertain to the possession of certain things right to life liberty pursuit of happiness those things so in that way the broad concept of property applies to things beyond what we generally associate with some physical thing that we can pick up. Now on the intangible side think about the rights associated say with a copyright someone creates a work or a book or something like that, then they have the right to license to print to distribute to sell etc. that material and they have a right to exclude others from doing that. Now the actual printed book or the font written down you can actually copyright on that it’s on the expression within it so it’s not something touchable but your ability to protect your rights in it to the exclusion of others and to use it for your utility makes it something of value so in that way it’s just demonstration to think of property more broadly not as a physical thing but more as a bundle of rights associated with something that a possessor of property. The property appraiser is a major part of this process.

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For years, our clients have relied on our expertise to provide high-quality residential and commercial appraisals in the State of Florida. By continuously keeping up with real estate  trends and staying current on valuation techniques, we’ve been consistently able to produce reliable home and commercial valuations for our clients since 1999.

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